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i know fish people are real because i SAW one!!! sometimes it can be a little hard to tell the difference between a regluar person and a Fish-Type. the main characteristics of a fish-man (vs a real man) are as follows:

  1. strange skin(perhaps wet)
  2. blinking too much or even, not enough
  3. climbing out of the briny deep, trident and speared animal in hand, draped in a cowl of algae, seaweed and barnacles
  4. sometimes they are actually blue/green
  5. due to their mucous fish men have a slight magnetic pull and will sometimes get stuck to the fridge for a moment. they will try to play this off ("oops, stuck on the fridge again, haha haha")
  6. being mean and rude to you is actually a signifier
  7. fish people have a perverse desire to collect strange objects (twines, strings, beads) and will become VERY disconcerted and erratic when you mention "the collection"
  8. lying, trying to decieve is a fish man trait ("i am not a fish-man" "please stop asking about this, i am not a fish. i feel like this is all we talk about" "this mineral water is for drinking, not for fish activities")